Police: Teen Threatened to Copy Newtown Shooting

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


A Fairfield teen was arrested Monday after police say he said he thought of possibly carrying out a shooting, much like the Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, Conn.

Sergio Cabada, 18, reportedly posted the comments online and also said he supported what the shooter had done.

Fairfield Police immediately opened an investigation into Cabada’s comments after hearing about them. He was arrested at his Suisun home at about 3:30 p.m. that afternoon without incident.

Cabada allegedly posted his comments Friday, then deleted them and posted an apology on his Facebook page Saturday.

He was booked into Solano County  Jail on felony charges of making criminal threats.

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  • Filesha

    There is nothing funny about that. The fact that he wrote that he would repeat those actions shows he’s sick. He has no heart.

  • darlene

    If he gets out something really could happen then it would be the county.fault serve justice and let him rot in jail. It is not a illness he has ,maybe the problem is he don’t know what way to go if he wants to be a girl or guy but to hurt children or anyone that is sick and I would not let this go

  • darlene

    This makes me sick to my stomic thoes poor families are suffering and this guy? Does this its not that he has a illness he don’t know what way to turn guy? Girl? So he’s sick.in every way . Lock him up and free our country if we dont have justice this will continue to happen

  • Anonymous

    He has always been like this having known him personally. This honestly isn’t surprising to me and I hope he changes from this for his own sake.

  • Riddle4life

    They really need to be dealing with the people who are dealing with mental problems. If they help people with mental issues and really focus on that. They would be looking at less shootings. Who who do anything like that if they were sane. People need to watch out for friends and family members who are dealing with issues and seem to be off and don't seem to make sense. I know I have family who have mental issues. They don't have any clue about there surroundings are what there doing. Maybe they just don't care and may e there are sane but make bad choices. Usually though they just need help. No one who is sane and knows what there doing would do something like this. Unless there heartless. These were innocent people. Why would they want to hurt people.

  • Anonymous

    This generation of teens are stupid, not knowing the risks what they do or how they effect others. No respect or care in the world. This boy is an idiot and better learn to watch what he does

  • Diane M Moore

    I was concerned someone would try and copy this week incident, that took place either in Sandy Hook Elementary School or the Oregon Mall shootings. We are living in a very sick society of young crazy people, as well as mature people. This 15mins. Of fame has to stop. Do something postive to get your name in the news, not harm innocent little people. This is just terrible, how can anyone live with them selfs to even think of such a curel thing. If you’re confused sick help.

  • Anonymous

    What a sick kid… All these poor families are mourning the loss of their CHILDREN and he says something like that… Definitely not something to play around with and it is not funny at all. I am glad he’s locked up! May he be in jail for a long time. The person who said freedom of speech is ridiculous as well. Yes we are all entitled to freedom of speech but to say something along the lines of that is just ignorance and not acceptable what so ever.

  • wlverines

    When you make comments like this kid did you give up the rights of freedome of speech. This kid made a threat and had the ability to carry out that threat. Time for him to spend some time in prison.

  • sheri inman

    The police were right to arrest the boy. What was he thinking? Not a time for sick jokes. After what has happened at Newton,Conn. We can’t take chances. The boy has to be disturbed and needs the proper help.

  • sinman1

    Police were right to arrest this boy. Not a time for sick jokes when the nation is in mourning. We can't afford to take any chances. He is disturbed and needs to be evaluated before he should be set free. Just terrible that anyone would post something so wrong. Keep him and get him some help!