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New Year, New Laws Going Into Effect

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Lady Justice in front of the County of San Joaquin offices.


With the new year, new laws will come into effect. Take note, as enforcement of these new laws will start immediately on Jan. 1.

One law, like AB 1404 Feuer, will only affect Southern California counties (they’re getting higher vehicle registration fees to help combat vehicle theft). The rest will affect the whole state. Some of note are listed below.

-Paving the way for future? SB 1298 will allow for driverless cars to be used on public roads, although for testing purposes only. Plus, the car will have to have a driver ready to take control, if the need arises.

-If pulled over, you can now show authorities your proof of insurance and registration on your smartphone or tablet, thanks to AB 1708.

-Seniors are getting their own AMBER Alert. Thanks to SB 1047 Alquist, a “Silver Alert” will be activated, upon request, when a person 65 or older goes missing. The person will have be reported missing under unexplained or suspicious circumstances, with that person being immediate danger.

-If you’re arrested under suspicion of DUI, you’ll no longer have the option of taking a urine test, thanks to AB 2020 Pan. Before, suspects had the option of submitting to either a blood or urine test.

There are a good few more laws that will be going into effect. Check www.LegInfo.ca.gov for the full list, and for more information on California laws.

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