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Veteran Stands Guard Outside of Hughson Elementary School

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
marine standing guard

Craig Pusley, a Sgt. with the US Marines Corps, stands guard at Hughson Elementary.


A Marine Corps staff sergeant is standing guard outside of Modesto-area elementary school.

Craig Pusley is outside of Hughson Elementary School in Hughson. He is a father, but his kid does not go to the school.

He plans on staying out in front of the school until the kids go on winter break. Once they come back, he plans to stay outside for 30 more days.

Pulsey is there in uniform to help calm the nerves of concerned kids and parents after the massacre in at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.

Students came out during lunch time and thanked Pusley for being out there.

Carlos Rodriguez contributed to this report.

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  • john may

    A true hero once again proves why our marines ate the best in the world.. thank you for your service and dedication to our nation…

  • Silvia

    Wow a BIG thank you to him for doing what he doesn’t have to!!! May God bless him always. Makes me tear up cause of his kindness. What a great guy!!

  • Gail Bowman

    I would like to say Thank You for standing at my son’s school, he said he felt very safe seeing him there

  • usmc79

    It looks good on paper to have him "standing guard" but it's more or less a false sense of security for the kids. If you were to place an armed Marine in front of the school that would be a horse of a different color. If some nut ball comes walking up with a gun the only option is to run inside and call the police because charging someone who is hell bent on killing is a stupid option.

  • Anonymous

    I no of this guy and all about him… He will do anything for attention and to get himself on tv… Just look at you tube dr. drew “reunite siblings” it was all fake show..,Sure he was a marine but he got kicked or discharged out no longer a marine and he wasn’t a staff Sargent that’s a lie.. He was a nobody in the marines… Cool he trying to stand guard but I hate liars and I think it’s all for attention… My heart goes out to all the children’s families and adults that gave there life for some of those kids… Your all in my prayers RIP

  • Anonymous

    He is only there to again as the article reads to calm the nerves of the kids and parents. Hes not there to protect or he would be carring armed weapons. Hes simply showing them that the marines will come and be here to protect if need. Just doing a good deed on his own time to give everyone a sence of security and to not be afraid. Your school is safe. Thats my perception on why hes there. Good job Marine! What a great feeling to know your there and that you care! :)

  • Anonymous

    I can’t find any records of this person being a Marine. Do we know what Reserve Unit he is with? I respect that he would do this for the children, but no Marine (Active or Reserve) would wear his/her utility uniform in public.

  • CallaLily101

    I know him as well and you are correct. the person he his painting himself to be is a lie. He never toured in Iraq or Afghanistan. How did you know about the Dr. Drew show? I don't suspect he is in the reserves because he was discharged from the marines shortly after graduating from basic training.

  • usmc79

    Marines are not issued dress blues any longer. If you want to have dress blues than you must pay out of pocket so yes you get to keep them. In fact all your gear is paid for by the marine while in basic. It comes right out of your debt account. Nothing is free and everything from your boots to the title Marine is earned.

  • hehir

    Alright…who cares if he's lied or done stuff for attention in the past. I DON'T CARE what he's done in the past. He is standing there today and will for 30 days AFTER they come back from school. Are you guys standing there? Would you do it for free? So what if it's a false sense of security? If it gives people this placebo affect…SO WHAT? If it gives those kids a sense of stability….WHO CARES! Doesn't it all come down to the children? Are you guys also going to tell those little kids that there is no such thing as santa claus? If the guy is going to stand there (NOT paid/for FREE) so what? IF it's a deterrent, that's fine! Why are you guys such haters. Stop shooting him down. Let him off!

  • CallaLily101

    its not the part where he was standing up for our schools its the lies hes told. There are REAL soldiers out there fighting for our country and people aren't just thanking him for his school actions but fighting for our country and going to Iraq and Afghanistan. As for a false sense of security, I'm not sure if that's what is being portrayed but if it is that false sense can cause more harm than good. I just feel that the school should do a background check first before allowing anyone not a parent to current students, on campus.
    If it were JUST about the safety of our children and schools then he shouldn't have brought in any info regarding his short term in the Marines, he should have just been a civilian as he is and dressed accordingly.


    I think that we need to improve our kids lives by making them feel safe. And what a better way to show our children that they are safe. I will be happy to take his place after his watch. . America needs our children to be safe and Happy. And I urge all American Vets. to stand guard and watch over our young. Just to be aware on who is around.. FIRE WATCH…


    It is never a false sense of security. Children still dream. And if they think that they are safe. Then he did his job. FIRE WATCH.

  • wifeofamarine

    I understand that you would think this if you do not know much about the Marine Corps, but after living with a Former Marine and having a brother in the Marine Corp I know different. Just because a Marine does not have a weapon does not mean he is defenseless. His intensive training and knowledge in the USMC has given him the skills to fight in hand-to-hand combat situations with or without tangible weapons….His mind is his weapon and I have every confidence that the soldiers of the USMC past and present are able to keep us safe with or without a weapon. I can say for sure that those children ARE safer because of this man standing, watchful, over their school.

  • usmc79

    You should care what a person has done in their past because it’s a good indicator of what they will do in the future. If he was a dirt ball marine aka $hit bird that got kicked out of the corps than do you really want him hanging around your kids school? Having a false sense of security is just as bad as having no security. The "placebo effect" won’t stop a hell bent nut from doing whatever they plan on doing. Having an unarmed Marine standing at the front of the school does nothing to make kids safe, we don’t need our children to FEEL safe we need them to be Safe.

  • usmc79

    I spent 12 years in the corps so I would say I have a above avaerage understanding of the Marines, The marine corps does train us for hand to hand but when you bring a fist to a gun fight you will lose hands down. Yes the mind is a weapon but a Glock and Bushmaster AR-15 much more deadly even in the hands of a child. My point being that it should be someone who is armed if they really want to make things safer. Would you stick a police officer out front of a school unarmed or would you rather him have a weapon to even the playing field? Oh and calling a Marine a "soldier" is an insult ….were not soldiers were Marines, =-)

  • hehir

    I'll donate money to any veteran that will stand watch. I am a mother and these people above are just not giving solutions to the problems. There are real soldiers that we could be paying having them stand guard (2 of them) at each public school. There are real soldiers out there that are struggling to make ends meet. Just read and educate yourself — it's a real problem. These soldiers come back with nothing to do. Let them serve and protect again to the most prize procession each mother/father has….their kids. We don't live in a perfect society, so in a perfect society we wouldn't be having this problem. Give me a solution — don't just point out the problems.

  • Anonymous

    Hell yes we will tell kids there’s no such thing as santa clause if kids are sitting on Santas lap and he’s touching there butts… Craig is a weird dude something is wrong with his head he isn’t all the way there… And I’m gonna tell people he’s not wat he says he is he’s not right.. He needs Jesus it’s not safe for kids to go to school with someone like that… He is mentally not right… Period

  • Anonymous

    I no him cause I’m his brothers gf that’s how I know about dr.drew show…. He’s a weirdo that needs years of counseling

  • Localmomof3

    Unfortunately, although I think his intentions might have been in the right place, the story he gave the local news is inaccurate. He served less than a year, never deployed, and borrowed part of the uniform. I know he meant well, but I know a few veterans who are a bit upset at him for misrepresenting his military experience.

  • vmethod

    This guy is a FRAUD and should be punished by the US Marine Corps!
    He is NOT a Staff Sargent, he's not a Veteran, he was discharged as a Private after 10 months. That's not even his uniform! And further more, that is dishonorable to wear camies off-duty. ALL Marines know that they do not wear their camies unless they are on-duty. Even Marine Recruiters DONT wear camies when they work! He should be ashamed of himself!

  • davesimmons1234

    What MATTERS here is that he DID stand guard for those kids. A lot of people TALK very few DO. Regardless whether he is or isnt a Marine or member of the military, the man stood for those kids. I applaud his effort.

  • davesimmons1234

    Amen! Its like the "real" Police whining and showing jealousy over the Armed Guard that made a felony dope arrest instead of them. MAN UP ALREADY GIRLS. HE stood. YOU didnt. YOU have nothing to say.

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