Military: Marine Standing at School Served Less than a Year

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
marine standing guard

Craig Pusley, a Sgt. with the US Marines, stands guard at Hughson Elementary Wednesday.


A Marine standing guard outside a Hughson school appears to have only served for less than a year, and was a Private First Class when he discharged.

Craig Pusley started standing outside Hughson Elementary this week in full uniform. He said he is a staff sergeant and he had told other media outlets he did tours overseas.

However, FOX40 has been checking with the military after receiving a call questioning Pusley’s service.

According to the United States Marine Corps, Pusley served from July 2007 to April 2008, and reported to the training center in San Diego. According to their records, this is his only command or duty station listed in his file.

Their records indicate he was discharged, and is not on reserve at this time. When he left service, he achieved the rank of Private First Class.

The military file does not indicate why he was discharged.

Pusley’s presence at Hughson Elementary School was calming to children and parents in the wake of the deadly shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Students thanked Pusley Wednesday during their lunch break.

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  • Glassfam5

    Leave the guy alone, he's doing a good deed. If him standing there gives the students a sense of security then what does it hurt. He was not asking for anything. Leave it to the media to OUT a guy who was just trying to be a good guy and help his local community school. I say good for you Craig and THANKYOU! P.S. I am not from Hughson, but believe that there are others in California and beyond who are behind your good will.

  • usmc79

    One of the very basic principle of every Marine is his Integrity. While it's true that once a Marine always a Marine…..this one has no integrity and lies. What else is he not telling the truth about? Do you really want someone who makes up all this BS around children? To say he's a staff sgt when he is really a pfc is a hugeeeeeeee lie. He might as well say that he's the freaking president of China.

  • SNRose07

    If the "training center" they are referring to is his ONLY duty station or command on his file, then they have to be referring to MCRD. You can earn PFC before even going by having referrals or enough college credits. Every Marine knows you don't officially earn the title MARINE until after you graduate boot camp. You are only a "recruit" up until that point. To be in bootcamp as long as it says he was, he must have kept getting hurt or sick or something and kept getting rolled back. If he earned the title, he should have just been truthful and not lie about his service. He may not have seemed as prestigious as a 1 year PFC, but at least he would have been truthful and more respected for it still giving the effort.

  • tanya

    Does it really matter?? Leave him alone, he is making the kids feel safe…More people should be doing this, lets make our kids feel safe, and i bet there will be less school attacks.

  • Sactxpyer

    its nice if he's doing it to make the kids feel safe. but you cant make up a fake service record. this is the information age, he was bound to get busted. where is his integrity and the respect for the guys that really have been, and are deployed?

  • CallaLily101

    Some people search their entire life for acceptance and wish they were more than who they are. I think his intentions were good but he did lie and it wasn’t an error on media because it’s not the first time this very lie had parted his lips.

    I hope that this incident will encourage him to be more truthful, he is a father after all. Be proud of who you are not who you aren’t.

    My family is compiled of several military men ranging from army to navy and even airforce. To lie about something so serious is disheartening.

    Unfortunately once you tell a lie you either lie more and make it worse or man up …. in this case I think we’ve seen a little of both combined with blaming others for his spoken untruths

  • xanderrx

    I like what he's doing and this sort of thing should be encouraged, but it would be better if her were armed. That way he would really be protecting the kids instead of just making them feel safer.

  • xanderrx

    True, we shouldn't lie about our past, but he's doing a good thing by trying to protect those kids, and he should be applauded for that. I don't see any other former military people doing that. I'm an Air Force veteran and I love the idea of veterans protecting our schools. But it would only be truly effective if they were armed. Even Marines aren't bulletproof.

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