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Shopping Procrastination Pays Off

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Last minute shoppers were all over Arden Fair Mall December 24.

Some, like Jonathan Ammari and his friend Jonathan Faridian were new to the art of Christmas Eve shopping. “I’ve never done this before,” said Ammari, “I’m usually on top of my stuff.”

Faridian said the last person he had to buy gifts for was his mother, “I forgot to get her some gifts”.

However, there were plenty of last minute shopping veterans, like Sherwood Carthen.

“It’s a tradition,” he said, “There’s a fraternity of married men, that come in at 7 in the morning and we knock it out.”

Carthen added last minute is the way to go, “The only trip I make and I’m done.”

It’s estimated there will be 17 million last minute shoppers on December 24, but does procrastinating mean paying more or does cutting it close means a better bargain?

FOX40 found a few shoppers and compared their Christmas Eve purchase to an on-line price.

First Atticus Gonzales who bought a “Blind” brand skateboard from Zumiez for $30. It was a good deal with the on-line being priced at $34.99.

Next Maria Thao and her Michael Kors clutch. She got it on sale for $93 and it was a great deal; the exact same one on E-Bay is $120 and doesn’t include shipping.

Then there are some brands that don’t give a big break, like with Richard Marconi’s new Apple iMac. He paid $1399 and it’s about the same price on-line.

Then there’s Joseph Quesada’s lightweight nikes which he bought for his grandmother. He got a 20% discount on the original price of $75 and ended up paying about $51.

Even though Quesada said he normally finds better deals online, his last-minute purchase was a great deal. The cheapest we found on E-Bay was $67.78 and also didn’t include shipping.

Procrastinating paying off really depends on the year and this year it works to the shopper’s benefit. A lot of retailers didn’t do as well as expected in November and December and experts are predicting a lot of sales so those stores can get rid of all their inventory before the end of the year.

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