2013: What Lies Ahead For Stockton

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.




The number one priority in 2013: “Crime, we have 71 murders as of this week and that’s just not acceptable.” says Stockton’s Mayor Elect, Anthony Silva.

Hours before the New Year, the city of Stockton is ready for change. “It’s been a downward spiral” says one resident.

The police department tells us 50 of their officers resigned this year, and now, they need to hire 17 more before they can get what’s called a ‘Federal Cops
Grant’, which will pay for even more officers.  “Little by little, it’s getting better” once resident says. And statistically, it is. Earlier in 2012, Stockton
averaged about 10 homicides a month but since the California Highway Patrol joined forces with the police department this fall, that number has gone down. In December, the city  had 4 homicides. “I’ve seen a lot more cop cars that I usually do” another resident told us.

Still, Forbes.com ranked Stockton the 8th most dangerous city in America back in November. One idea the new Mayor has: higher sales tax. “In June, maybe
November, I’m going to ask the residents of Stockton if they are willing to pay more to put officers on the street.” A half of a percent increase could add
up to 200 officers to the police department.

Anthony Silva encourages residents to reach out to him with any tips, suggestions or comments. His e-mail address is coachsilva@aol.com

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