Missing Woman’s Mom Believes Her Daughter Was Murdered

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

eldoris grahamMODESTO-

Katie Patterson is convinced that her 28 year old missing daughter Eldoris Graham was murdered by her daughter’s boyfriend.

Patterson reported her daughter missing on Dec. 15, two days after she last heard from her.  She played a phone message in which Eldoris said she was in the Bay Area with her live-in boyfriend 39 year old Anthony Coxum.  But she failed to show up for job at the Burger King in Salida.  Friends and family who talked frequently with her by phone stopped getting calls which was unusual during the holidays.

Patterson claims that Coxum physically and mentally abused her daughter who has been a victim of domestic violence and sexual abuse before.

“He would beat her, she was scared of him, she was terrified..I think Anthony Coxum killed her,” said Patterson.

The two talked constantly on the phone, but after December 13 the phone calls stopped.  She said Coxum has threatened to kill her daughter, who was afraid to go to the police.

Modesto Police detectives say they got sketchy responses from Coxum when he was questioned. He says he dropped Eldoris off in Oakland though her mother says she doesn’t know anyone there.

Then Coxum was arrested in North Carolina just after Christmas on a probation violation.  He was driving Eldoris’ car that Coxum earlier said he’d sold.  Modesto police say he’s not being cooperative.

Christine Perry who is best friends with Eldoris says the couple’s relationship was rocky.

“You’re mad one minute, you’re happy the next.  It was kind of like that.  I do know that she wanted him out of her house,” said Perry.

After Coxum’s arrest Perry got even more concerned.

“When we found out he had been arrested in her vehicle, we knew it couldn’t be anything good because if she wasn’t with him she would have called somebody.

Eldoris’ phone and credit cards have not been used since her disappearance.  While there is no clear evidence of foul play, Modesto detectives wany anyone who saw the couple or know of Eldoris’ whereabouts to contact detective Michael Hicks at 209-342-6132 or the Stanislaus Area Crime Stoppers at 209-521-4636.  Calls can be anonymous.

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