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Fans Still Stand by Kings

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The Kings scored first against the Dallas Mavericks in their second meeting of the season Tursday night, but much unlike the first go around, the lead held and held.

The  late in the 4th quarter then a slip , a tie and overtime.

It’s all similar to the Kings’ more dominant theme these days in which little seems to be holding fast.

The Kings’ owners threw their crown into the ring for a possible Virginia Beach relocation bid.

Now, they’re on to a possible sale to Seattle.

What has been holding steady? The fans.

On the whole, they’re still faithful even though the future location of the kingdom is uncertain.

Even before the game, fans were three-deep court-side, scoffing at a move.

“Win, lose or draw, they’re my team. I’ve supported them every game,” said Scott Shea of Citrus Heights .

When asked about his team possibly leaving him behind Shea said, “But they’re here. Are they here tonight? They’re here.”

That’s not to say fans aren’t smarting a  little from the case of ‘wanna-be-someplace-else’ whiplash they’ve gotten from the team.

There was an u happy face on John Willett’s ‘Here We Stay’ sign.

“All we can do is hope,” he said.

“You kinda have to separate the owners and the Kings, you know,” said fan Adriana Ortiz.

Season ticket-holder Mike Tavares is proud to be using his tickets.

He says it’s the best way to make the Sacramento Kings a reality for the long-term.

“When you support the Kings you support Sacramento and send a message back to the NBA,” said Tavares.

Tavares’ group ‘Crown Downtown’ is planning a game watch party for the Kings’ match-up with the Bobcats.

It will be at the Republic Bar & Grill Jan. 19 and will be followed up by a pub crawl to show off the targeted economic impact of a team that stays in the capitol city and moves play downtown.

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