Where to Watch FOX40 News During the World Cup

Kings Attendance Steady Despite Relocation Drama

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Ticket sales for what may be a fleeting fancy are holding.

Last Thursday, about 14,000 folks came out to see the Kings.

Monday, about 12,200; which is typical for a game starting off the work week.

Buying a ticket is one way fans say they can individually make a statement to the NBA.

“We gotta keep them here. I mean, there’s no option,” said Kings Fan Mark Seibles, as his favorite team continued to confound the Cavaliers in the third quarter.

That’s the die-hard purple spirit still keeping alive the dream of a NBA team calling Sacramento home.

Late evening tweets by the ‘voice of the Kings,’ Grant Napear,  added even more fuel to fans’ burning desire to keep the team on their California throne.

His hint that a local buyers’ group to challenge Seattle would be announced shortly, had many at this Kings-Cavs match up salivating over much more than the hot dogs.

Even fans of the game,who admit the Kings aren’t their favorite team, are rooting for hometown buyers to pull off an upset.

“I’d love for the Kings to stay here for the city of Sacramento.  I live here. It’s the only thing we have in sports here, really,” said Alfredo Freire.

‘Here We Stay,’ which started its Change.org petition to the NBA last week has collected about 8,000 signatures so far.

The group is looking for about 9,300 more – the maximum capacity of Sleep Train Arena.

You might recall,  that petition asks NBA commissioner David Stern to give Seattle an expansion team instead of the Kings.

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