Community Meetings Planned at Schools Slated for Closure

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Prop. 30 — Gov. Brown's Baby?

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Nearly a dozen elementary schools identified by the Sacramento City Unified School District to close, will have meetings next month with parents and community members interested in what will happen next.

The district says their proposal to close 11 schools is about “right-sizing” the district. According to Sacramento City Unified, they have lost about 5,500 students since the 2001-02 school year, that’s a loss of about 160 classrooms.

Sacramento City Unified has 56 elementary schools, nearby San Juan Unified School District has 43.

Parents and students made public comments at a school board meeting earlier this month when the closures were announced. The planned meetings are meant to address issues specific to each school being considered for closure. The Board of Education will take action on which schools will actual close at the end of February.

Here is the schedule of meetings:

  • Wednesday, January 30: Tahoe Elementary School, 3110 60th St.
  • Monday, February 4: Bret Harte Elementary School, 2751 9th Ave.
  • Monday, February 4: C.B. Wire Elementary School, 5100 El Paraiso Ave.
  • Tuesday, February 5: James Marshall Elementary School, 9525 Goethe Road
  • Tuesday, February 5: Susan B. Anthony Elementary School, 7864 Detroit Blvd.
  • Wednesday, February 6: Mark Hopkins Elementary School, 2221 Matson Drive
  • Wednesday, February 6: Fruit Ridge Elementary School, 4625 44th St.
  • Wednesday, February 13: Washington Elementary School, 520 18th St.
  • Wednesday, February 13: Maple Elementary School,3301 37th Ave.
  • Tuesday, February 19: C.P. Huntington Elementary School, 5921 26th St.
  • Tuesday, February 19: Joseph Bonnheim Elementary School, 7300 Marin Ave.

All meetings are scheduled for 6 p.m. at the school site.

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