Where to Watch FOX40 News During the World Cup

Hope Roars at Sleep Train Arena

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“Feel the Roar” was once a popular slogan of the Sacramento Kings.  The roar isn’t as loud anymore, but the passion of fans attending games is alive and well, even as the team faces a possible move to Seattle.

You can see it inside the Kings’ souvenir store before games.  Wednesday night, the store was busy right before tipoff.  Fans were buying sweatshirts, sunglasses, purses, all adorned with the Kings logo.  

“They’re not going anywhere,” said one fan, as she selected merchandise to purchase.  “We won’t let them.”

But if the team does move, would the city of Sacramento retain the rights to the Kings’ name, just as Seattle did with the Sonics?  FOX40 looked for an answer to that question, and found that no solid answer yet exists.  The city and Kings fans are focused on keeping the team here, not retaining naming rights for a future expansion team.

Mayor Kevin Johnson, who is leading the effort to keep the team in Sacramento, was in attendance at Wednesday’s game.

The size of the crowd was respectable for a Wednesday night under the circumstances.  Paid attendance was nearly 11,000.

The Phoenix Suns beat the Kings 106 – 96.   Turnovers were costly for Sacramento.

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