Mayor Meets with Lawmakers about Kings

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson meet with lawmakers Thursday at the Capitol Building.

“I’m going to make every effort that I can possibly do to identify a potential buyer that would ensure that the Sacramento Kings remain in Sacramento,” said Mayor Kevin Johnson said back on Jan. 9.

He was the loudest, single voice of defiance after the Maloofs slapped Sac with the news that the Kings throne was moving to Seattle.

Next came 20 more voices, and $20 million to keep the team here.

And now, the elected voices that speak for California’s voters are speaking up for keeping the Kings and the jobs they bring.

“It would be a damn shame that the NBA walked away from this community or aided and abetted a club from walking away,” Assemblyman Ken Cooley.

It’s all part of Johnson’s plan to show the NBA that Sacramento has a real relationship with its royalty – one that should be honored.

“We have a history of having the best fans in the NBA. Over a 27-year period we’ve sold out 19 seasons. No one else in the NBA can say that,” Johnson said Thursday.

And perhaps no other city can say it’s had a rockier relationship with the majority owners of its beloved team – the Maloofs.

Now the focus is on the minority owners – a few of the jewels in the Kings’ crown if you will.

They have the ‘right to refuse’ a sale and match a deal on their own, but opinions differ on how that could be done.

“The limited partners in Sac that make up the 35 percent, two are strongly committed to Sac. The third one has limited interest in investment,” said Johnson.

Others aren’t so sure those partners can act in the way that the mayor hopes could keep the team in town.

“They would not be able to go out and get third parties to go out and supplement what’s in the written contract,’ said FOX40 legal analyst Ken Rosenfeld.

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  • togetherwerone

    There are more important issues that the Mayor should be concentrating on. Is he even aware that there are 11 great Elementary schools in Sacramento closing? Sure wish he was this ethusiastic and dedicated to helping those schools. How sad.

  • Bobby Lankford

    Jobs and the poor come first!. And as for keeping the Kings here,how about a clean up-paint up-fixup job at Sleep Train Arena?. Won’t that help keep the Kings here?.