Crews Still Removing Debris after Fire at Fairfield Comedy Club

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Hours after Friday’s five-alarm fire at Pepperbelly’s Comedy Club, crews were still on scene.

Since the comedy club went up in flames, neighboring businesses have seen less foot traffic.

“A few people came in today, that’s it,” says Houssain Karoni, the owner of a neighboring restaurant. The normal Saturday morning foot traffic was outside his restaurant, snapping photos in disbelief.

The fire department described Pepperbelly’s as the anchor of the nightlife in Fairfield, bringing in hundreds of people every weekend for A-list comedy acts. But, now that the club is closed, business owners are concerned.

“Less people means less money for nearby shops and businesses,” one owner told FOX40.

The only question now — when will the jokes and the laughs be back to Fairfield?

“We’re going to try and rebuild it, better than before,” the club’s owner told FOX40.

If all parties cooperate, fire officials estimate it could take up to one year to rebuild.

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1 Comment

  • The Ayatollah

    To all the fans of Slim of 112 ..And the community of Farfield,Ca. Slim was supposed to be there tonight  and We are truly sorry for your loss we understand that it was more that a just a building, it was a cornerstone off the community.  financially as well as the laughs That you help spread throughout northern ca. We pray that you rebuild with Godspeed and blessing …..The Ayatollah