Feds Bust Five-City Brothel Network in Central Valley

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


FBI agents say the 31-pages of a newly unsealed criminal complaint tell a harrowing tale of human trafficking in the Central Valley.

“Johns” with $40 were supposedly able to buy 15 minutes worth of sex with enslaved Latin American women out of unassuming “storefronts” like a duplex on Sacramento’s 37th Street.

“I’m just shocked now I never noticed it before,” said Soncy Glenn, who lives right next door to the alleged brothel.

Glenn hadn’t seen anything next door that made her think prostitution, but she was watching when investigators shut down this part of what they say was a five-city brothel network.

“They parked right here before. They went and stormed in. They had FBI on the back,” said Glenn.

Folks  across the street say they’ve seen suspicious things at the duplex for four years.

The FBI probe that busted the network started in Stockton just two years ago and reached into Fairfield, Chico and Yuba City.

While at the alleged Sacramento part of the network, our cameras spotted a car pull in, possibly expecting service. The driver pulled out and left the area when they saw our crew.

The traffickers are accused of passing out business cards at flea markets for a perfume store as the cover for their business.

“Johns” would come knocking, asking about perfume in Spanish.

Then, according to the criminal complaint,  they’d pay and be ushered into a sexual encounter with an undocumented woman who spoke very little English.

The  women were always being moved and now Roberto Urbina Gonzalez, Everardo Ibarra Regalado and Corina Dominguez are under arrest for running them and the network.

Investigators say the women were often driven to Sacramento’s Greyhound bus station and were either transferred to other cars  or left on buses for places like Los Angeles.

The brothels supposedly advertised they’d have new staff once a week.

The supposed masterminds in this case are due in federal court tomorrow.

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