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Sacramento Railyard Project Moves Ahead Without Arena

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Sac Railyard Proj_4

Artist”s depiction of Railyard development.


The train depot at the Sacramento rail yard is a noisy place as of late.

Finishing touches are being put on a $70 million relocation of tracks used by Amtrak and freight trains.  That includes several bridges designed to give vehicle traffic access to a 240 acre site recognized as the largest infill development site in the nation.

Passengers on trains, buses, streetcars, taxis and rental cars are expected to fuel redevelopment of the site, not sports and entertainment fans as many believe.  An arena for the Sacramento Kings had been discussed for years as a preferred way to jump start the development of the site, but a transportation hub was always a part of the plans.

“It will be our Grand Central Station,” said city spokesperson Linda Tucker, referring to New York City’s iconic train station.

She says businesses looking for customers and passengers and commuters looking to live near their transportation options will eventually turn to the railyard.  Development of the site will take years, but planners see a huge potential for creating a transportation oriented community that may eventually house 10,ooo people.

The economy will determine how fast development takes place but even in the best of times the site could take 20 years or more to complete.  That will give the city time to gather more funding to complete the transportation hub which will evolve over the years.

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