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Surviving a Shooting at Work, School or in a Public Place

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After mass shootings in places like Aurora, Colo., Clackamas, Ore. and Newtown, Conn., all within the last year, mass shootings are seemingly becoming all too common.

In many mass shootings, the shooter or shooters plan their attack for months. What they don’t count on and don’t expect is for their victims to have a plan.

Hector Alvarez, a former police officer, teaches classes on what people should do if they encounter a gunman.

“You don’t have much time to waste,” Alvarez told FOX40.

Alvarez says the difference between life and death is accepting what’s happening.

His next tip – move.

“You want to get as far away from the violence as you can,” Alvarez said.

Give yourself enough time to get away. Hide, if necessary.

If you can’t do any of those, Alvarez says your next option is to fight.

“You’ve made the decision that you want to go home to your family. Nothing is going to stop you,” he said.

Alvarez says having a plan isn’t about being paranoid, but about being prepared.

For more about Alvarez and his training, click here.

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