Man Arrested for Threatening Lawmaker Proposing Tighter Gun Laws

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
leland yee

Senator Yee at WGN.


A Santa Clara man was arrested for threatening state Senator Leland Yee, (D) San Francisco.

Agents say they found explosives in the suspects home and a gun in his car.

The arrest comes just two months after Yee proposed a bill that would tighten gun laws in California.

Yee will hold a news conference with CHP in San Francisco Thursday morning to talk about the threat.

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  • pantherstealth

    This is terrible. Not only do i feel sorry for the senator, but i am angered at people like this guy that think they are fighting for our second amendment rights when really they are putting a bad name on all of us pro-freedom, responsible, firearm owners.

  • notalibtraitor

    Why would anyone in their right mind make threats, when they actually have illegal devices.. As a tech and RF engineer, clearly this guy would be able to see the outcome of his actions.

    There are a few other suspicious angles to this case. Why has his threat not been made public? We don't even know how he made them, we are simply supposed to believe that this happened as they say it did. What are the substances the bomb squad blew up? Why wont they make it public? Is it lighter fluid or a real explosive- we don't know.

    A quick review of the Hal Turner case leads to some answers why the media in california and the bay are is in such an uproar… Every day we see in the bay area new bomb threats that turn out to be
    faked or accidental.. there is no way this is happening organically. The other day they found a pace maker and fabricated it into a bomb "threat"… the day before they found a brief case which they claimed to "render" safe… even though it was simply a brief case.

    Only federal agents make "credible" threats in this day and age.

    However, maybe you still don't think the government would conspire against you to steal your second amendment rights? Just check the fast and furious scandal.

    Clearly this is part of a larger media and government push to undermine the second amendment.

  • pantherstealth

    I fully agree. Fast and Furious was the biggest obvious push to scapegoat law abiding citizen firearm owners. Our gov is corrupt and quickly becoming a dictatorship.