Actions out of Character for Boys Killed in Crash, Friends Say

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


A makeshift memorial in the Chevron parking lot off of Benjamin Holt Drive and Pacific Avenue is slowly growing Sunday. Dozens of family and friends lit candles to remember two teens killed in what investigators are describing as a one minute, one mile chase.

The driver, 13, and the passenger, 15, weren’t even old enough to drive. Yet, California Highway Patrol Officers say they spotted the two driving a 1994 Honda Accord early Saturday morning. When they tried to pull the driver over, officers say the car did not stop and the attempt to pull them over quickly turned in to a chase.

CHP tells FOX40 the 13-year-old was behind the wheel of a stolen car, which was reported missing four days ago.

All of this, friends and family say, is out of character for both boys.

“This just isn’t something they would do, any of it. There’s a lot of unanswered questions,” says Lynn Murphy.

She and her husband Jimmy paid respects at the memorial Sunday.

“One of those boys was supposed to be at a hockey game with our son last night,” Jimmy Murphy told FOX40.

CHP tells says neither of the boys were wearing seat belts when the car crashed Saturday.


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1 Comment

  • viper395

    These parents sure care about their kids after they're dead. Where were you and where was your parental supervision on Saturday morning around 2am? "Soooo out of character" "They only ride bikes and scooters" give me a break. They knew how to operate a motor vehicle and they weren't stopping for the police. It's also likely this isnt out of character at all for these little thugs. Indicated by the baby pictures they show. “He was very respectful, He was kind to everybody.” said another news report. Respectful to who? The law? The CHP? The victim of that stolen car? The wall of the music shop? Any authority? Answer none of the above.

    Good riddence. Heres to more teenage thugs driving cars into buildings without wearing seat belts. Lets just hope they start using their parents cars instead of stealing them.

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