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What’s Next for Maple Elementary?

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At Maple Elementary Friday, it seemed like a normal day, but behind the pencils and smiles there was sadness.

“I am sad because I will have to make new friends if the other kids don’t go to the same school,” said 5th grader  Anthony Hernandez.

For months, school closures were just talk but for seven elementary schools in the Sacramento City Unified School District now, it is reality.

The district says they are operating below capacity and are closing schools to offset budget cuts.

“It is not just a school, it is more like a second home to them,” said Principal Lorena Carrillo.

For 11 years, Sandra Enriquez has taught at Maple Elementary.

Breaking the news to her children this morning was hard.

“My biggest concern is the kids. That is who we need to put first. The district continues to use that motto, but their actions are speaking louder than their words,” said Enriquez.

For staff, the move raises questions like whether they will be handed pink slips and how will hundreds of children fit in their new schools.

Students and staff will finish the year at their current schools and start next year in their new location.

Principals will meet on Monday after which transition teams will be created to help with the move.

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