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Pet Food Stamps Now Available for Struggling Families

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


The price of life is causing our shelters to fill up; many families can’t afford to pay for pet food.

“It’s sad, its heart wrenching a lot of times to see these folks. They are coming in crying. They don’t want to give up their pets,” said Gina Knepp with the Sacramento County Animal Shelter.

A new non-profit program is helping families keep their pets. It’s called “Pet Food Stamps” and it’s similar to food stamps, but it’s not federally funded.

“I think it’s rather exciting and ingenious. There is defiantly a need in our country to help people who have pets to prevent them from surrendering them because they can’t afford to feed them,” Knepp.

If you qualify for food stamps, you qualify for this. The program has only been around for less than a month, but already they’re getting three thousand requests for help a day.

“It will give them some time to find someone in their world – a friend, a relative – who can take on ownership of that animal versus resorting to a shelter,” said Knepp.

The program is run through Pet Food Direct, an online company. So, for the families who qualify for this help, the food is delivered to their front door every month.

To sign up, head over to the website at http://www.petfoodstamps.org (website may be experiencing intermittent outages).

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  • sfone308

    This is not pathetic, it's great that there are caring people out there that care about others, yes even animals, enough to help.

  • Joshua G. I. Shaliach

    Please, help me. Trying to find site to apply for food stamps for my pets. My toy poodle given to me by friend who went to be with Jesus.5 yr.s back she is my only true friend & is now 93 in human yr.s she has glaucoma in 1 eye, arthritis in two joints like me. So we aee falling apart together for Christmas someone gave me two kittens bro & sis. I’ve no monies for neutering & spading or check up. Regardless of having the best vet. ever which I travel 40 miles to get to and they help me as much as possible, @ Northeast, Veterinary Clinic in Welcome, NC! My total income is $ 584.00 a mo. After rent & utilities I’m short each mo. Of $236.00 for basics. I’m only receive $41.00 a mo. in food stamps. I go w/ o 3 meds. I need every mo.; I must rotate ea.mo among my 14 scripts to not buy so my babies can eat a little & I must share mine with them.

    I am very thankful for all my blessings which, are so many there isn’t enough time to list them! I have no family, only a couple friends @ church in my condition ( those who aren’t seem stand offish maybe they are afraid to socialize as our poverty may rub off. While, I love them who react so, nevertheless it hurts being ostracised fo something the banking and government systems inflected on those of us among them. So, I’m asking for food stuffs for my babies not myself . The ASPC says they aren’t able to help with Pumpkins meds nor the kittens sterilizations & shots nor can my vet.! Tried contacting different pet food companies out of the 4 main companies only 1 sent coupons ( two ) for$0.50 cts off! The item was to much for me evrn w/ double coupon day @ Food Lion! No reply from others. Please, pray for my babies as I am not throughing them into an over taxed system like animalshelters I’ll starve first! Thank you one & all.

  • Phxfire

    I know there are going to be those armchair reactionaries who will condemn any program that helps people who are on hard times, even children. I can't imagine how ugly the comments will be over this program. The facts are hard, families are victims of the economy that started breaking down over six years ago. By now, many have lost their jobs, used up savings and lost homes. They are living in their cars, shelters or with family. As far as the children are concerned, the pets are family, a constant throughout the chaos. Not only are they children not losing, but animal shelters are getting relief and dogs aren't being left behind to starve or be euthanized.

  • lacofortwenty

    If a person or family is struggling, HE/SHE/THEY SHOULD NOT OWN A PET AT ALL. PERIOD. Too many people out there don't have a clue about owning a pet, and how to properly care for a pet. I've heard, "Oh, I can't afford the Frontline or the Heartguard treatments every month." THEN DO NOT GET A PET. It's THAT simple.

  • Dee

    Some people never cease to amaze me. How ignorant they think that if you can barely afford to survive themselves then they shoyldnt get a pet. I highly doubt that people would purposely go and get a pet knowing they couldn’t afford one. You obviously didn’t stop to think for a minute that maybe these people were doing real good at one time and could afford to have pets and take care of all of their responsibilities before all of our jobs went overseas? Stop judging people and keep your ignorant thoughts to yourself. If you can’t solve the problem, then you are part of the problem. Enough said!!