Man Suspected of Killing Son with Hatchet has Troubled Past

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Three phrases will likely define Phillip Hernandez for the rest of his life, “the suspect, a man, the father,” said Sacramento Police Officer Michele Gigante.

Phillip Hernandez married Jessica in January 2001. They had two sons. It was the younger boy, 9-year-old Matthew who was allegedly beaten to death with a hatchet by his father Tuesday night.

According to court documents obtained by FOX40, Jessica and Phillip separated in April 2004. It was also in 2004 when Hernandez was arrested on domestic violence charges, pleaded ‘no contest’ and served 120 days of jail time and five years probation.

Hernandez violated his probation and was sent to prison, Deuel Vocational Institute in Tracy, for two years.

During his stay in jail and prison, Jessica had custody of the boys and moved to Nevada. At some point, Phillip gained custody of the boys and enrolled Matthew at Jefferson Elementary in Natomas.

It was in the Natomas home where he lived with his father, older brother and grandmother, that Matthew died Tuesday, allegedly at the hands of his father.

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  • vera95608

    How could he gain custody of the children? Who is responsible for that decision? Same judge is now responsible for the death of this boy…….

  • familycourt

    The mother has now said that the judge made her custody decision based on her personal opinions of the mother and based on her employment. We see this happen regularly in family court. Judges issue rulings based not on the law but instead based on bias for or against a party. Worse, judges also make child custody and visitation rulings to punish a parent. There is no provision in law that allows using custody and visitation decisions to punish a parent. But Sacramento Family Court judges do it all the time. Sacramento Family Court News ia an online news source covering Sacramento Family Court issues that the mainstream media often miss. Visit Sacramento Family Court News online at http://sacramentocountyfamilycourtnews.blogspot.c