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Man Impersonates Officer, Tries to Con Someone out of Money

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Mugshot For Vieng Keosavang Say

Mugshot: Vieng Say Keosavang


Authorities have arrested a man suspected of impersonating an officer to try and take money from a victim.

Deputies say that a man wearing a uniform with a name tag and patch supposedly from the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department approached a victim on Feb. 22 or 23. The man, Vieng Say Keosavang, claimed he worked for the department as a correctional officer and offered to try to get the victim a job.

However, Keosavang allegedly asked for $75, a DMV print out and ID for the service. The victim asked Keosavang for his own ID, but he said he didn’t have any.

Friday, the victim – with a deputy present – contacted Keosavang to try and arrange a meeting. Keosavang agreed to meet up near West and E Hammer lanes. As soon as Keosavang showed up, he was taken into custody.

Deputies then did a search of Keosavang’s home and found the gear he used try and impersonate an officer, plus other police merchandise – like a Stockton Police Department and Department of Corrections ball caps.

Authorities note that Keosavang has never worked at the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department. He faces charges of impersonating an officer and petty theft.

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