Idol Blog: Finally America Votes!

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This seems like the longest American Idol season ever, but finally we get to vote.

The judges did all the picking so far, but now viewers are in control.   The top 10 girls go head to head tonight and the boys hit the stage tomorrow.

The results show will air on Thursday, supposedly only 10 will survive.  Before I get to the performances, I must say the judges are quite entertaining this year.  Well, specifically Mariah and Nicki!  They clearly can’t stand each other at times and it’s a blast to watch their reactions to each other.

Right now, I’m team Nicki. She really gives great feedback and adds a whole lot of fun to the mix.  Without her, I would be seriously bored.

O.K., on to the competition and here’s how I see it:

1.Zoanette Johnson – Not a good performance for her…I agree with the judges.  Not her best, but I actually want to see her continue on…hey it will be fun!

2. Breanna Steer – She can obviously sing, but she bores me?  I could see her going home on Thursday.

3. Aubrey Cleland – Very cute and good voice…she should go through.

4. Janelle Arthur – No doubt she can sing and she does sound like traditional country.   I’d like to see her live on, but I’m afraid she’ll get lost in the mix.

5. Tenna Torres – I think Nicki did her a favor by commenting on her hair, because that makes her memorable.  I don’t know if I see a star, but I hear a good voice.

6. Angie Miller –  I think this girl is the real deal and should fly through!

7. Amber Holcomb – Wow, she has all the tools voice wise.  Very impressive!

8. Kree Harrison – She is my favorite and when she sings it seems totally effortless!  She may be the one to beat!

9. Adriana Latonio – Good not great.

10. Candice Glover – Oops forgot about her…she is in it to win too!  She will make it to the top 10 or this show might as well shut down!

O.K. it’s up to you America, but remember no results until Thursday.  Tomorrow the boys hit the stage!

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1 Comment

  • WhyDoYouCare

    Out of the performances I’ve seen so far I think that Adriana, Zoanette, Janelle, and Tenna didn’t do their best last night. About half of the contestants had lackluster performances and absolutely failed to win me over. I know that sounds harsh but I’m just being honest about the quality of entertainment on the show. I was just telling my co-workers in my office at DISH that the girls will have to be consistent if they are going to make it to the top. I really want a woman to win so hopefully they will take the judges’ advice to heart. I wasn’t able to watch all of the performances yesterday because I was still at work but I plan on watching it tonight on my train ride home. I can use my iPad as a TV anytime, anywhere thanks to the Hopper and DISH Anywhere.

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