Local Writer to Pen Huffington Post Op-Ed about the Galleria Incident, Living in Roseville

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A local writer will pen a Huffington Post op-ed about the controversy that has surrounded the Westfield Galleria mall in Roseville after two gay men were asked to leave.

“It felt like one of my safe places was no longer a place where my family could be fully safe,” said Corbyn Hightower.

So why would what happened to Daniel Chesmore and Jose Guzman and be so personal to Hightower?

On the surface, her family may look like suburban Roseville perfection: house, husband, two kids.

But Hightower enjoys exploding that limited view of perfection.

“I  have an ex-wife who takes care of my children, also. My family is a queer family.  We have three moms and a dad and we all help each other,” said Hightower.

That’s right. Thirteen years ago, she had her oldest child, Rainer, with her then-partner Mimi, through artificial insemination.

She says Roseville is often dismissed as “a haven for people who have a whole lot of money and a whole lot of plastic surgery and not a whole lot of substance.”

That’s why this Huffington Post writer and moderator will be sharing a different view of Roseville in a Post story this week, condemning what happened at the mall but sharing her positive experiences.

“I live in downtown Roseville surrounded by punk rockers, chicken owners and bi, gay everything in-between -this (the incident) is not my Roseville,” said Hightower.

The kissing controversy has changed how this family plans to spend its money.

“I will definitely think twice before I go and give them any more commerce,” Larry Hightower.

But it hasn’t changed their belief that if any other family walked in their shoes, they would find the path more familiar than foreign.

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