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Residents Evicted from Troubled North Sacramento Apartment Complex

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Dragging  belongings by the bagful or in some cases, chucking them out of windows, people who live in an eight-unit apartment complex on Boxwood Street in North Sacramento were racing against the clock before the building was condemned and closed forever on Thursday.

“Everybody in this place has to get their stuff out in less than an hour, he just gave us an extra couple hours today, or else we would have had to get out by 5 o clock yesterday afternoon,” Debborah Casillas, a mother of a tenant told FOX40.

Documents indicate the property is in foreclosure. It’s also in terrible condition. Citing rodent infestations and structural issues, the property has been tagged as unlivable, conversely leaving residents without a home.

“I’m gonna have to move in with a family member or something like that, in the meantime, I don’t really know,” said tenant LaBrandon Grayson.

With U-Hauls backed up, piece-by-piece, it was a hasty attempt for some to pack up a life without perhaps a place to move it.

“I knew there was a foreclosure, but we didn’t really find out, they just kinda crept on us with it, out of the middle of nowhere, you know what I mean?,” Grayson told FOX40.

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  • Diana Moore

    The Boxwood complex tenants, should have been placed in other affortable housing. Its not right for people to be put out on the streets like trash. Dogs and Cats, are treated better than this.

  • sissytanya2

    i am one of the tenants that used to occupy an apartment on boxwood. originally we were only going to be given 2 hours to move out, then they gave us 24 hours. its very difficult to have to pack up and move in 24 hours. most of us have nowhere to go and are now out on the streets. i have tried calling tons of places to get help but nobody will help. this was all done because sacramento police thought that everybody that lived there was squatting. many of us have rental agreements. nobody bothered to ask us though, instead they throw us out on the streets. the money that was being paid for rent to a place that said they were acting for the bank ended up being a scam. we are all out on the streets now with nowhere to go and nobody will help us. most of us are on a fixed income and getting the trucks and storage to put our stuff took everything we had left after paying rent. it gets cold out here at night but nobody seems to care about us because we are low income. its not right what they did. they could of gave us more notice or even gave us motel vouchers or something. some people even have kids that are also on the streets now.

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