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NBA Comissioner: Mastrov Bid Needs Work

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


NBA Commissioner David Stern confirmed to reporters Friday evening in Oakland that Mark Mastrov’s bid to buy the Sacramento Kings isn’t comparable to the bid from Chris Hansen.

“It needs work,” Stern said, adding that it needed to be increased monetarily.

Another “headline” comment from the commissioner was that the Maloofs will not have final say on where the team goes. Stern said that if an ownership group is leaving the league, they don’t get to decide where their team ends up.

The relocating team requires a three-fourths vote from the league’s Board of Governors. A majority vote from the board will approve a sale of the team.

Stern also praised the efforts from the Sacramento City Council and Mayor Kevin Johnson, describing their efforts as “herculean.”

The commissioner added that Mark Mastrov would be at Friday night’s Warriors game, and that he planned to say hello to him.

He had also been in contact with Chris Hansen earlier in the day.

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  • living_right

    Why is Stern getting involved? Per him, he stated he was going to let his 'combined' committee do the prelims. Stern is creating a 'bid war' and this is going to cost the City more 'public funds'. Enough is enough. Mastrov, equal or pass the Hansen Group offer or back out! Burkle, you have 'directed' the City to give more than the initial $225mil. Same goes for you, invest more that the City (60/40) or back out! Federal monies are NOT coming to this city and there's a storm looming that will have an adverse financial impact in the Sacramento area. The Hansen Group is so rich, they make Burkle and Mastrov appear like mosquitos. Get with it, make it public transparent, or get out of it.

  • nijoani

    I think the NBA has to consider their image. It is a class act and the Maloofs are making them look like carpetbaggers. The team was here before the Maloofs and they pimped the team to three cities without trying to keep them here. just plain greed. The NBA wants to have a partnership with their cities and here they are just stabbing Sacramento in the back. If the NBA decides to move the team to Seattle I think Sacramento should boycott the NBA. If the NBA moves the Kings without giving our proposal top priority, I PROMISE TO to NEVER WATCH ANOTHER NBA GAME!