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Piece of Kings History Visits Sacramento

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Sitting next to Mitch Richmond inside Firestone Public House wasn’t just a fan, but a piece of NBA history and perhaps, one of the keys to the Sacramento Kings future.

His name is David Dworkin. His cousin, Lester Harrison, was the original owner and coach of the Rochester Royals, the team which eventually became the Sacramento Kings.

“They are one of only a handful of original franchises still left,” Dworkin told FOX40.

When news of a possible sale to Seattle broke, Dworkin called Mayor Kevin Johnson and signed on to join the local minority owners, each ponying up a million dollars, to try and keep the team in Sacramento.

“To comeback, full circle, 60 years later and bring a family back in, it’s a really interesting dynamic and I think the history is something that shouldn’t be lost here,” Dworkin said.

Dworkin wears Lester Harrison’s NBA Hall of Fame ring. He says his family’s history, like being one of the first teams to integrate pro basketball, would be lost if the team moved to Seattle.

“My understanding is they are the Seattle SuperSonics and they’re not the Seattle Kings. So if they’re the SuperSonics, they’re connectivity would be to Seattle,” said Dworkin.

He says even years later, people in Rochester would be said to see the Royals/Kings franchise drift into the ether.

“If you live in Sacramento and you move somewhere else, you still get your roots to where you were born and raised, it’s almost as if the child moves somewhere else, but there’s still connectivity. To Rochester, it’s the Sacramento Kings,” Dworkin said. “They feel, at least I feel a great connectivity to here now and that’s why it’s important that history remains. You just can’t uproot something.”

Dworkin says he’s fighting for his hometown and his now adopted hometown, Sacramento.

“You just can’t wipe something out that existed for so long,” he said.

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