Sheriff’s Department: 1 Deputy Killed, 1 Injured in Rancho Cordova

Teen Bullied Relentlessly Because of Parents

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Nothing out of the ordinary about a family making dinner together on a Friday night but it just so happens that one Roseville family includes a 14-year-old son and two dads.

They say that difference has been the root of disaster for them at Buljan Middle School.

“I found it exactly about right here,” said eighth grader Jerrod Grisham.

Grisham points to the spot where he said he found feces on the shirt he was wearing, after a run-in with some bullies on campus.

“She said, ‘Jerrod, go hold hands with another guy,’ and I said, ‘grow the ‘f’ up,’ because I have reached the limit with bullying at my school and I really don’t feel safe at school because of the bullying that’s been going on,” said Grisham.

According to the teen, this incidentis just the latest in three years worth of taunting  – so much he says he’s stopped reporting it all because nothing happens.

For Jerrod’s biological dad Nathan and his partner, it’s heartbreaking.

“It’s offensive. I can’t imagine anything worse,” said Nathan Grisham.

Nothing, except perhaps for the frustration they feel over how Buljan’s handled such matters.

“They should be taken far more seriously  than they seem to be,” said Christian Williams, Nathan Grisham’s partner.

Roseville Superintendent Richard Pierucci didn’t know about this incident until FOX40 brought it to his attention.

He did not want to appear on camera but a after a litte digging, he said by phone that seven children were interviewed as this was investigated and the incident  couldn’t be substantiated.

Buljan’s principal, Greg Gunn, also said he didn’t want to make any on-camera comment.

By phone, Gunn said say that all reported  incidents of harrassment are thoroughly investigated.

Jerrod’s parents were told that there was some kind of consequence for one child involved, they suspect a loss of campus merit points.

“I think that the school’s reaction to these things is extremely uh soft,” said Williams.

They feel the district needs to make a move with more tolerance education.

For them, they’re just moving.

They plan to leave Roseville right after this school year ends and move Jerrod to the East Bay to begin the ninth grade.

Jerrod admits that he fought back with his words in the feces incident which took place last Thursday.

He denies claims by one administrator that he launched the first ugly remark.

While he’s been teased for being gay because his dads are, Jerrod says though it would be perfectly okay for him to be homosexual, he’s not..

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  • Mynickle

    It's time to get serious about stopping bullying!! The fact is that unless they live under a rock parents know that bullying kills and ''giving parents and students the social skills needed to not be the target of a bully or not be bullies themselves'' isn't going to change much of anything. Stopping bullying needs to begin at home and there needs to be laws made and enforced against bullying. Nine out of ten parents who pay attention to their children know whether their child either is a bully or has the potential to be a bully. People need to understand that this is a big deal, that bullying impacts lives in negative ways that stay with people their entire life, and that it can lead to death. It is the responsibility of the parent to teach a child the harm bullying can cause. I think bullying is assault and should be considered and treated as such. The first offense requires a warning, the second should require counseling, provided by the schools paid for by the parents, for both student and parents and the third offense on should be considered and treated as an assault. It may seem harsh but realistically it isn't. Realistically it's not going to stop until this country gets serious about stopping it because bullying can and does kill. I'd be willing to bet that Adam Lanza was bullied.
    As for the numbers provided by the National Center for Education Statistics, I'm not saying they're wrong I'm saying they don't have them all. I'm pretty sure that at least 75% of bullying doesn't get reported. I also believe that crimes such as domestic violence would decrease dramatically if bullying were stopped…after all besides being a coward a man who hits a woman is nothing but a bully and vice versa.

  • kodadj

    My daughter currently attends Buljan, is in one of Jerrod's classes. She too has been bullied for 3 years by the same boy! and his Mother. I have contacted police, school officials and the district office. NOTHING! all they would do was to advise me to get a restraining order.. So I did.. then the mother proceeded to violate the order 5 times in 4 weeks. Now just last week there was another incident with the boy and they threatened to move my daughter!!
    I was nice and allowed this boy to stay as long as there was NO more issues, if there were issues HE was to be the one moved! I contemplated contacting Fox 40 myself!
    My friends daughter was harassed for years as well, also in Roseville. I went with her to deal with the school and Police when her child began getting death threats in person, via text and on Facebook… Those kids got suspended, but still continue their behaviors and in fact blame their victim for getting them suspended!
    It should also be noted my daughter and this boy are in the SDC classroom.. so usually very little is done because they are "special." This is crap! I don't allow my child to use her learning issues as an excuse to be a jerk! I won't tolerate bullying in my presence… I don't care who it is, I speak up!
    I am completely disgusted with the lack of action by EVERY school my children have attended… Rocklin forced her to change schools every year, Loomis was ok, but still not good enough and now Roseville. They say they are against bullying and put the kids first, but honestly with a few rare exceptions of great teachers, I have yet to see this. In my daughters case she has begun to fight back and now it's "oh no! she's the aggressor!"
    After 3 years of being hit, called names, followed, taunted, harassed, thing thrown at her, yes she is fighting back!
    Jerrod, don't take their crap!! They are insecure, insignificant little brats!! You will amount to something in your life, they will peak in school!
    And to the bullies parents…. SHAME ON YOU!! Teach your kids better than that! make them have consequences for their actions!! I mean real consequences! not no Iphone for a day… clearly they don't deserve a cell phone, Ipad, Ipod, computer access, Wii, Xbox, sports, etc.
    My daughter also says to Jerrod, "you are better than them"

  • Jerrod Grisham

    Hello, I am jerrod Grisham, I am really frustrated because no one cares and never does.anything about it and I have become depressed because it seems like I have to tell just to be heard but I have only been told three times I was seen on the news, but the people that said it have just been ignoring me since. :(

  • Mynickle

    Jerrod if you have a facebook account add me as a friend and then if you ever need or want somebody to talk to I'll be there for you. If you don't have facebook then you can email me at My name is Linda Smith. Use my email address for a facebook search. I really hate that you've become depressed, I'm sorry.