Man Says He’s out $3,000, Accuses Jeweler of Not Honoring Return Policy

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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but they’re Ping Wong’s worst nightmare.

“It’s not right,” Wong told FOX40. “I went [back]  to the store and they said I couldn’t return it.”

On March 1, Wong says he bought a $3,000 ring from Samuels Diamonds in Roseville.

“It was just a gift for my wife to make her happy,” he said.

Eight hours hours later, he says he changed his mind. Instead of picking up the ring, he says he and his wife Leni tried to cancel the order.

“The person who sold it me said no,” Wong said. “The company has a 30-day money back guarantee” and it’s written right on his receipt.

Twelve days after he ordered the ring, FOX40 sent him undercover. With cameras, Wong went back in to the store one more time to try and cancel his ring order.

But store employees told him he couldn’t.

They cited the regional manager, who told us the ring Wong ordered was customized, and that’s why the guarantee is void.

“Money back guarantee means they should unconditionally honor the guarantees,” said Gary Almond, president of the Sacramento Better Business Bureau.

There’s nothing on the receipt that says the money back guarantee does not apply to customized orders.

“They didn’t customize the ring. I never even got it,” Wong told FOX40.

We tried to reach out to the jewelry store’s corporate offices in Texas Tuesday, but didn’t hear back.

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  • gdlake

    I have a friend that had a similar experience with Samuels Jewelers in the Arden Fair mall. He ordered a ring for his wife but when he came to pick it up it wasn't what he ordered so he left it there with them. When he called to see if the ring was ready they said to come in and pick it up. When he came in they asked him if he had the original ring and he told them he never took possesion of that ring. They said that they didn't have the ring and that he must still have it. They insisted that he still had the ring and gave him the runaround for 6 mo's. He told them to check their security cameras and finally they determined that he did not take the ring.After all of that, they did not even offer him an apology!

  • SamuelsDiamonds

    Samuels Diamonds, Roseville

    It is, and has always been our policy for over 120 years, to treat all of our customers with the utmost courtesy and respect.

    In almost all cases, there are two sides to every story, but it is never our intent to air individual customer transactions through the media. We ask all to respect that position.

    We would like to assure the local community and our loyal customers that as soon as our customer service department is made aware of any issue (unfortunately in this case after the story had already aired) that we immediately evaluate the specific transaction and contact the customer to rectify the situation. In this case, we went above and beyond our company policies to provide satisfaction, including a full refund and a significant offer to return for a new purchase.

    Customers can always reach us for concerns at our Customer Care line, 877-726-8357.

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