Heroes Help Woman Trapped Inside a Burning Car

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Traffic was backed up for miles Wednesday afternoon on Highway 99 Southbound near the 47th street off ramp.

Smoke bellowed in the air just after 2 p.m., after a gold Mercedes ended up flipped on its side. The car immediately burst into flames and a woman was trapped inside.

Stuck in gridlocked traffic three young men, who eventually saw the car and the smoke.

Tyler Crawford, Humberto Valdivia and Matthew White were headed to work when they came across a burning car.

Tyler Crawford, pulled out his cellphone and ran to help.

“When we got to the side and realized the car was on fire, we hopped out,” said Tyler Crawford, still visibly shaken up from the accident.

Crawford captured the entire ordeal on his iPhone; the video lasted for two-and-a-half minutes. You could hear the woman inside screaming for help. The trio decided to kick out her window to rescue her. Several people were on scene before the group of friends got there.

Crawford and his friends decided to kick the window out. “We ran up and I told her to grab my hand, we tried as best as we could,” said Tyler, with tears in his eyes.

The woman died inside the car. After watching the video Tyler Crawford and his friends are clearly heroes, but because the woman didn’t survive they feel like they didn’t do enough.

“I could hear her and then I was there to just watch her pass away,” he said.

The three friends told FOX40 if they see something else horrific like what they saw on Highway 99, they would still spring into action to help.

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  • Ardent_1

    As tragic as this story is, the fact that people — and young people no less — attempted to save this woman, is monumentally brave. Tyler, Humberto and Matthew what wonderful and amazing young men you are. You think fast and effectively in stressful situations which is more than most. I am sure you gave her hope in her last moments and you also gave her family knowledge that people cared enough to try and save their loved one. Bless you all.

  • bempajen

    This just made me cry. Tyler, Humberto and Matthew, know that you are most definitely heroes! I would like to think that I could do the same thing in this situation but you never know until it happens. You 3 are very brave and it gives me hope just knowing that people like you are out there :)

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