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Homeowner Records Thieves on Surveillance Video

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


An Antelope woman came home to find some things missing from her porch March 6, but the whole theft was caught on surveillance.

“They pulled their truck right in front of my house, took [the stuff] loaded it up like it was no big deal,” said Sammy Ewing.

She’s willing to bet the two guys captured on the surveillance cameras in her driveway never thought their hot hands would be caught on tape in a million years.

“I’m here, trying to help and someone just steals stuff?” she told FOX40.

In broad daylight, two thieves entered Ewing’s driveway and took several dog crates and a red wicker chair, totaling $1,000, she says.

But it’s not the money that truly irks Ewing.

“Those crates were give to me because I like to foster and rescue dogs” she said.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department told FOX40 they get nearly 15,000 property theft reports a year.

“We take each one very seriously,” Sgt. Jason Ramos told FOX40.

The department even posts surveillance video to social media sites if they cannot find leads, with the hopes someone will recognize the suspects in question.

“Justice needs to be served,” Ewing said.

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  • Corrine

    Our family would like to send Sammy a new dog crate via Amazon. Please tell me how we can help! We just need an address we can ship too.