Increase in Store Break-ins, Keeps Glass Repairmen, Cops Busy

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Five Modesto businesses were broken into three times this week. Surveillance video shows a man using a brick or rock to break the window, then busting through the rest of the window with his body.
“They found hair all over the glass too,” said Matthew Allen, with A1 Glass in Modesto.
Owners of the stores that were robbed believe the same guy did all the break-ins. None of the owners want to be quoted, but Matthew Allen with A1 Glass in Modesto spoke with FOX40.
“I think here they got away with 30 bucks, so they are doing $7,800 worth of damage,” said Allen.
Allen also said the problem is bigger than many might think. He says his company can barley keep up with the demand to fix store front windows. He said at least 45 businesses in Modesto are broken into each week.
“The smash and grabs you see once the weather warms up, people are out and about. A lot of it is drug related, a lot of early morning people out riding their bicycles,” said Allen.
Allen say you can’t help but feel bad for the owners. Ricardo Cardenas owns three of the businesses robbed this week. He had to replace nine store front windows in a five-day span.

“People are trying to make an honest living and that is what’s sad about it,” said Allen.

If you know who is responsible for any of these break-ins, call Modesto Police.

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