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State Wildlife Officials Take Family’s Pet Deer

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florecitaRIO LINDA-

Standing in the doorway of his back yard, 6-year-old Ulises Cervantes watched Tuesday as the California Department of Fish and Wildlife take his pet deer, Florecita.

“A deer is a wild animal, not a pet,” said Janice Mackey, of the Department of Fish & Wildlife.

She, and nearly a dozen others from the department, spent Tuesday afternoon tranquilizing the Cervantes family pet to tie her into their hands.

The family rescued the California Black Tail two years ago when they found her mother lying dead on the road.

“Caring for a wild animal takes years and years of experience. With that in mind, we want the best thing for the animal,” Mackey told FOX40.¬† It is illegal in the state of California to have a deer as a pet.

As the Cervantes family watched from afar, neighbors stood on their property, protesting.

“This doe was hand raised by these people. This is where she needs to be,” neighbor Candace Taylor said.

Representatives from the Department of Fish and Wildlife tell FOX40 they will be taking the deer temporarily. They are unsure yet of the animal’s final destination and would not disclose if the family would¬† be able to visit the deer.

“We’re sorry to do this, but we want what’s best for the deer. It is illegal to have one as a pet, bottom line” Mackey told FOX40.

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1 Comment

  • spooky9166

    thats is bunch on bs for the ppl makin stupid laws if it was me in that situation i would of took the deer wit me some were else or hidden it nd anyways is their deer they found it nd took it to their house nd raised it as their kid like the lady said nd also is their territory no the state their paying to live their so they can have wat ever.the hell they damn want