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25-Pound Feral Cat, “Man Face,” Mistaken as Mountain Lion

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


A 25-pound feral cat was captured and neutered by a local animal rescue group recently after a neighbor in the San Joaquin County community of Mountain House mistook him for a mountain lion.

Residents call the fat feline Man Face.

“Man face, yeah that’s what we call him,” said neighbor Jimmy Sales. “He is a real mean cat. He beats up all the cats in the neighborhood.”

Sales told FOX40 he wouldn’t mistake Man Face for a mountain lion, but reiterated that the cat is really big.

Neighbors are hoping Man Face will calm down after his neutering.

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1 Comment

  • indeclouds2

    Here is the REAL story on this cat…The reporter came to my home to speak with me, when I got home from work I approached him and was informed he had already spoken to my neighbors if you want the real scoop Here it is…

    Many of you may remember that on August 13, 2012 there was a Mountain Lion sighting in Mountain House, Ca. After speaking to several residents it was determined that the possible sighting turned out to be a large feral cat in 100 block of West Amistad Lane, of Mountain House, CA. Since then the Mountain Lion has become somewhat of a celebrity around the community and continues to live amongst us.

    Over the past 8-months local volunteers started feeding several feral cats with the intention to Trap, Neuter, & Release (TNR) unaltered feral cats in our neighborhood that created a nuisance too many of our residence. The feral colonies overpopulated the neighborhood especially around the creek areas.

    “The Mountain Lion” became part of a colony in the Bethany subdivision of Mountain house. He watched over a small colony of about 8 cats, keeping them safe and always waited for everyone else to eat before he did. The Mountain Lion was not easy to trust humans, but learned to trust with must persistence from a local volunteer. He even eventually started to lay his head at night on her front porch.

    This week we are proud to announce that The Mountain House Feral Cat volunteers were able to TNR the infamous Mountain House Mountain Lion. When he was trapped his face was infected with a cat bite and he was in rough shape.

    Our vet was able to clean his wound, provide him a much needed antibiotic shot, and neuter him so that we could safely release him back into the Mountain House Community.

    If you would like to donate to The Mountain Lion's medical expenses or to our cause please click the "Donate" button on our Facebook page or by visiting our website at http://www.mountainhousecats.com/

    The Mountain Lion is just one example of the good work that The Mountain House Feral Cat Rescue is doing.