‘Arrested Development’ to Return May 26

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Arrested Development

Arrested Development’s Bluth family. Image courtesy: FOX


When “Arrested Development” comes to Netflix this spring, it looks like the majority of you won’t have to stumble bleary-eyed into the office after marathon-watching its return.

On Thursday, the streaming entertainment service announced that the resurrected series will debut online on Sunday, May 26. That’s smack-dab in the middle of Memorial Day weekend, so if you do choose to watch all 15 episodes at once, chances are higher you’ll be able to do so.

Like with “House of Cards,” Netflix is unleashing “Arrested” in its entirety starting at 12:01 a.m. PDT on May 26, for instant viewing. Creator Mitch Hurwitz has described the Netflix version of “Arrested” as an “anthology,” with each episode being told from a particular character’s viewpoint as other characters pop in and out of scenes.

Rather than looking at this new slate of episodes as a fourth season of the cult favorite series, star Jason Bateman sees it as “the first act of what we hope to continue and complete in a movie, which would be Act 2 and 3.”

Netflix’s “Arrested” will also have a crew of guest stars, including Seth Rogen, Conan O’Brien, Kristen Wiig, Isla Fisher and Ben Stiller, who’ll reprise his role of Tony Wonder.

While the company has said in the past that it doesn’t “anticipate” a second season of “Arrested” coming to Netflix, it later clarified that fans shouldn’t rule out the possibility.

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