Idol Blog: Top Seven

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Here we go…seven hit the stage last night and tonight six will survive.  Or will the judges use the one save they have?  I think if a girl ends up on the bottom then they will save her.

Jimmy had his say early and as usual he is pretty much right on.  I just don’t get the Amber infatuation?  I mean she is cute and can sing, but personality wise I’m not feeling it?   I don’t think the judges would let her leave tonight…no way.

As usual we have to wait through many performances from former contestants…they were okay.  However, this week we got to hear the top three a little earlier…by 8:33pm.

The top three are Kree, Angie and LAZARO…what????  That was a twist I didn’t see coming!!  Next up…Candice is safe!!!  I really think she is best voice of them all.  Amber is the next one safe…so it comes down to Janelle and Burnell.  After another commercial break, it’s Burnell and he has a chance to sing for his life.

The judges didn’t save Burnell and now only 6 move on.   Can you believe were at the top six and only one boy is still alive?  A girl WILL win this thing…no doubt!!  Next week will be interesting if Lazaro stays hot with the votes.  I’m thinking we’re close to a save week?!

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