Prison Misconduct Cases, Including Booze and Sex, Detailed in Report

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Outside of a Prison

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A catalog of recent misconduct cases in California’s corrections system includes allegations that prison guards groped and grappled with inmates, brought them drugs, shared their booze and solicited them for sex.

The two-volume report, created by the independent Office of Inspector General, chronicles 117 incidents within state prisons and 93 investigations from July to December 2012. It starts with a cook at a central California prison accused of asking inmates to sit on his lap, “tickle and fondle him.” It ends with the tale of a parole agent who shot the charging dog of his parolee. (The pit bull survived and the officer was exonerated.)

In between are numerous allegations of prison workers delivering drugs and mobile phones to inmates, engaging in sex with them, and turning a blind eye to or even arranging inmate assaults. While some cases were dismissed, or handled only administratively, others were turned over to county prosecutors.

In one alleged coverup involving seven prison officials, a guard accepted an inmate’s challenge to a fist fight, stripped off his prison gear, and began a fight ultimately broken up by…

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