Interactive Art Walk Hits Downtown Davis

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Anyone who has driven or walked through downtown Davis has seen the murals and sculptures randomly placed.

But, now through technology, this art comes alive to the viewers.

Davis has introduced the first ever Trans-media Art Walk. Using a smart phone and a map, you can chart a course to see all of the pieces Davis has to offer — and also learn more about the artist and the piece itself.

With a quick scan, your phone is directed to a YouTube video about each piece.

You can now make your own mark on art history by leaving a comment through the app on your phone.

“Each piece you can interact with, you take your phone and leave a message on all the pieces. You could sing a song, you could leave a poem, you could say ‘Hey Finley, I don’t like your piece … I love your piece,’” said John Natsoulas with the Natsoulas Center for the Arts.

Natsoulas notes that you can make it through the whole walk within a day, going at your own pace.

“I think it is really cool, so I don’t need a guide or anything like that and I can just go at my own pace. Something you can do on a first date or something,” said art lover Noemi Baguinon.

For more information on the walk, head over to their official website-


James Myers filed this report.

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