Where to Watch FOX40 News During the World Cup

Could Sacramento Lose Mayor Kevin Johnson?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


He’s been the talk of Twitter, and just this week it was announced the KJ7 tennis shoes will be re-released by Fila. There’s no doubt Mayor Kevin Johnson is one of the most popular mayors right now.

KJ is the man, according to a recent report that says Mayor Johnson has impressed NBA officials and has the attention of  California politicians.

Johnson has the entire city of Sacramento fired up over the Kings.

Just this week, the Sacramento Kings took on the New Orleans Hornets. At half-time, in a matter of minutes, Johnson was swarmed by the media.

The Mayor has been relentless, even travelling to New York to help present Sacramento’s offer to the NBA.

Could it be that Sacramento will have a tougher time keeping the Mayor?

Depending on how the Kings deal goes down, Johnson could be a hero.

“Above all else he’s a basketball player and the Mayor of Sacramento, of course he doesn’t want the team leaving town,” said, FOX40’s  Political Analyst Gary Dietrich.

Johnson is trying to pull down one of the biggest deals in NBA history. It’s a movement that isn’t just solely for Sacramento, it has caught the attention of the entire state.

“It’s become a California issue to keep the Kings, Johnson could have a political future within state politics,” said Dietrich.

FOX40 did reach out to Mayor Kevin Johnson, he didn’t comment on the speculation. Right now he’s focused on making sure the Kings continue to bare Sacramento’s name.

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  • Ant


    The most popular mayor? Guess you forgot about New York Mayor Bloomberg.
    Outside of Seattle and Sacramento, mostly those that follow NBA (and care) will know what's going on with the Kings.

    The entire city of Sacramento is fired up over the Kings? Guess you totally ignore the portion of the city that wishes KJ spent time and attention on something other than the arena and the Kings.

    Relentlessly travelling to New York….. because he had to, just like Seattle.

    Great – we need a State official who pays little attention to public safety. Never mind that fire stations were closed, police officers laid off – – as long as we get an arena.

    KJ didn't comment on the speculation? Maybe because this article isn't news. I'm trying not to be disrespectful, but this is reporting? Sounds more like cheer leading.

  • FreddySanford

    You gotta be kidding me??? Johnson is not popular !!! He's an idiot who is embarrassing the city . He should be recalled if anything.

  • sacdad

    Didn't vote for him and wouldn't ever! Too busy with his own agenda. How much money has the city spent trying to keep the Kings? Oh and at what cost… SCHOOL CLOSERS not good. For what over priced tickets to watch a bad product with a bunch overpaid athletes. Hey but what did everyone expect when they voted in a basketball player. Oh yeah and how many people around him have had legal issues? Not good at all.

  • jayjayfocus

    Incompetent mayor, mediocre basketball player fighting for a well below average basketball team. Voters must remember, you get what you vote for…. look at Washington.

  • lacofortwenty

    I hope the Kings move then MAYBE Kevin can be a real mayor to Sac., but I seriously doubt it. The guy is a complete knuckle dragging joke.

  • manfrema

    Where was KJ during the announcement of Sacramento’s new pro soccer team? KJ is about as self serving as they get. Why is Old Soul Coffee on an alley with a street sign? Why are there lights in the pavement on that alley? Why is there an Old Soul Coffee in the new airport terminal? Let’s support the RiverCats and Republic FC and so many other worthy teams that are much more true to Sacramento. Let’s stop spending on KJ’s passion and start supporting the passions of the people. Raley field was packed with 14000 + people supporting soccer teams that were not even from here. Let Kevin have his K Street 24 hour fitness extension; just keep the rail yard for the rest of us.