California Lawmaker Proposes Sales Tax-Free ‘Holiday’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Tax free on tax day, what an idea.

“If the word gets out, and if this bill does pass, more people will shop on April 15th,” said Josie Lee, an East Sacramento business owner.

State Assemblymember Melissa Meledenz, R-Lake Elsinore, says what better incentive for consumers to spend money then to get rid of sales tax for one day every year. Melendez is proposing Assembly Bill 718.

“It encourages people to buy. It also helps businesses to bring in more customers,” she told FOX40 in a Skype interview.

And Lee says she knows all about that.

“California wants their money, and we’re going to give it to them,” Lee said.

In fact, she likes the bill idea so much, that she and other business owners inside of the East Sac Mercantile are going to have their own tax free-day not on tax day, but on Thursday.

“We will pay the customer’s tax on any items, it’s out of our own pocket,” Lee told FOX40. “It’s a great promotion for us.”

The hearing for AB 718 is Monday. If passed, for one day, once a year, we can all live in a state with no sales tax. But it wouldn’t start until next year.

“It makes sense – it’s not once a week, not once a month, it’s nothing outrageous. One day a year,” Melendez said.

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