Security Enhanced at A’s and Warriors Games

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Because of the Boston Marathon bombings, authorities in Oakland took extra security precautions at Monday night’s simultaneous A’s and Warriors home games.

The Oakland Police department staffed twice as many officers as normal on the grounds of the Coliseum and Oracle Arena.  A bomb squad also surveyed the property before both games.  No problems were detected.

A spokesman for the A’s organization, Bob Rose, told FOX40 in an email, “Certainly there is heightened awareness.  We will continue our normal game-day security procedures, which include hand-checking all bags brought into the Coliseum.  Beyond that, we are working with our in-house security and the Oakland Police, and reminding our game-day and full-time employees to be extra observant.”

Such a response is appropriate, according to UC Davis School of Law terrorism expert, Professor Karima Bennoune.  “Remember that people in many countries in the world have to deal with, and go on living in the face of the risk of terrorist attack all the time,” said Professor Bennoune.  “Not that I’m saying that that’s acceptable.  But we need to kind of follow their lesson of being able to go on about our business while perhaps being extra cautious, extra thoughtful.  Particularly I think heightened security around large sporting events, large cultural events is entirely appropriate.”

A moment of silence in remembrance of the Boston victims preceded both games.

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1 Comment

  • PumX2

    "Enhanced Security" huh? Tell that to my in-laws as well as about 10 other cars that they were aware of that got all their windows smashed out in the parking lot.