Body Pulled from American River

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

5/5 water rescueSACRAMENTO-

Search and rescue crews pulled a body out of the American River Sunday afternoon.

The 25-year-old man, his friend and his 12-year-old daughter reportedly swam from one side of the river to the other near Howe Avenue and La Riviera Drive.

When they tried to swim back, the man’s friend slipped under. The man tried to pull him up while his daughter made it safely to an island.

DART pulled the man’s body out of the water not long after.

Crews say the man’s muscles likely tensed up because of how cold the water is. As summer heat approaches, firefighters say it’s important to wear a life jacket while on the water.

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  • lacofortwenty

    Another person with NO brains.If he/she had any, the person would be alive. This happens EVERY year even after authorities WARN of cold water runoff. Well, DUH.

  • Lyssa Copeland

    Yes… It could of been prevented, but unfortunately we as ppl make bad choices sometimes and with that I lost a brother. Making insensitive comments makes u look like u have no brains..I pray u never have to deal with anything like this ever!

  • older sister

    That has to b the most insensitive thing I have ever read. Somebody just lost a family member and the only thing you could fix your mouth to say was that he had no brains. When God takes a life, he doesn’t take it for no reason. That just means it was his time to go. Being that I’m saved now I can’t cuss you out or say what I want to say. Cause for 1 its wrong and ill just let God handle special people like u and 2 its beyond childish. So have a good day and I pray God has mercy over you for disrespecting my family.

  • ZulmaC

    We are human beings, accidents will occur. No one thinks of dying on a car accident OR BY SIMPLY SWIMMING!!! Put yourself in our position and realize that if a loved one of your died in such an accident, leaving family and a baby behind. As a mother or family, you will not be so cold hearted to make such a comment. Have some sympathy, and please remove this comment.

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