Local Scam Artists Taking Advantage of Kidnapping Fears

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


With this week’s escape of three women from diabolical conditions inside an Ohio home, few people have been able to avoid thinking about what a kidnapping would do to their own family.

Sacramento police say two robbers are trying to cash-in on those fears.

Welcome to the scene of their alleged crime, the 400 block of El Camino Avenue.

Right where people come to trade their hard-earned money for what Ty’s, Thrift Town, and Beto’s have to sell, police say a man and woman showed up to steal .

“They made up a story and convinced her that a family member was in trouble,” said Sacramento officer Doug Morse.

The person they targeted was a woman in her late 60’s.

Given what’s been revealed about the Ohio horrors endured by Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, many find the kidnapping ploy especially disgusting.

“That’s messed up that’s all I can say.  You know that’s not right,” offered one woman who didn’t want her name used.

The woman robbed by the couple gave up her jewelry and withdrew money from an ATM in an effort to avoid an Ohio-like scenario.

Of course, there was no real crisis to avoid – only robbers who disappeared with their ill-gotten gains.

You may feel like this woman who said, “oh no I would not believe in that.   You’re talking to the wrong somebody. I would never believe in that. ”

You may believe you wouldn’t fall for a robber’s line. Even so, police want families to warn older loved ones.

One woman in the area of the alleged crime has some advice for anyone who might be approached by this pair of robbers.

“Make sure if they say they have your son, tell you something to make you really believe that they do. Like say something about them,” said Angie.

It’s one way to try and scam-proof yourself.

Officers are looking to surveillance cameras in the area to help them identify the couple. They also believe this couple may be connected to another similar robbery.

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