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Community Grappling with Murder, Arrest of Young Residents

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It is Mother’s Day and many in the Valley Springs area cannot help but wonder what the Fowler family is going through, with their daughter gone and their 12-year-old son arrested for her murder.

“It hurts me as a mother I am so sorry to hear it,” said San Andreas resident Salle Sandlin.

It was just over two weeks ago when Leila Fowler, 8, was found stabbed to death.

Although the announcement brought some relief that a killer was not on the loose, the news that someone so young might have done it was alarming.

“That is very sad. I am sure there is a story behind that and not a good one,” said Sandlin.

Those who knew the 12-year-old closely were even more baffled.

“It is not something you want to believe so I did not say anything. That is her friend,” said Tammy Ainsworth, whose daughter is friends with the 12 year old.

For days, detectives were on a massive manhunt looking for an intruder the 12-year-old blamed it on. They knocked on hundreds of doors and searched two reservoirs.

Authorities would not say what led them to arrest the 12-year-old or where he is being held.

Detectives did not have any new details since announcing the arrest of the 12-year-old yesterday.

Neighbors say the Fowlers should be releasing a statement sometime this week.


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