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New Moms on Mother’s Day

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Mother’s Day means discharge day for Emma Smizik and newborn son Will.

“It’s still surreal. I think when we get back home and into our routine it’ll seem a little more real,” said first-time Mom Emma Smizik.

Motherhood can push your buttons, so Sutter Memorial Hospital¬† in Sacramento’s pushing pampering with soothing sounds from a floutist and guitar player.

Staff also delivered presents for all of the 40 moms with babies on the ward.

Few of those no-longer expectant mothers are studying up on the Sacramento city budget, but that’s just the light-reading city vice-mayor Angelique Asbhy brought with her to the hospital.

After two boys, she’s finally the mom of a baby girl – little Alia.

“Very pink … Yeah, we’re excited. The boys are at home waiting for their sister to come home,” said Ashby.

And as Alia and Will come home, they’ll have to learn everything.

So what’s the most important thing these moms want their babies to learn from them?

“The most important thing? Really good question … To be a good person, to be kind and sweet that’s the most important thing,” said Smizik.

“For me personally, as vice mayor and being on city council, I hope she sees a strong woman in me that she can go after whatever it is she wants to go after. There are no barriers on her and she can strive for whatever it is her little heart desires,” said Ashby.

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