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Sacramento Sheriff’s Deputy Facing Assault Charges

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


If someone tried to run you over with their  car, you might pick up the phone and try to get a deputy to the scene – unless that deputy is the one targeting you.

“He kept saying he was  a cop but I just couldn’t think a cop would do something like that,” said Leticia Day.

The “that” Day’s talking about is the unbelievable scene she watched play out in her front yard Friday – with Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputy John Foster behind the wheel.

“He could maybe say it was an accident if  it was on the side or something, but he really came up and tried to it him,” Day said while gesturing at the skid marks now on her front yard.

Foster was booked into jail on suspicion of possible assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly running down a teenager with a work-issued mini-van.

It all  happened on Shanghai Bend Road in Yuba City near where Foster lives.

Right after the incident, Day says Foster and his wife Mary tried to explain away what happened by pointing to a window on their van. They claimed the teen broke it as part of some ongoing harassment, saying they only pulled over to ask him to stop.

Day told them that they should have called the police and that almost triggered another incident.

“She started calling me all kinds of names. We almost got into a confrontational fight  and she said he’s been  trying to fight her son,” said Day.

As they spoke, Day realized the teen son the Fosters claimed was the real victim had victimized her own child.

“He bullies all the little kids around here. He punched my 9- year old in the ear,” she said.

There was no response at the nearby Foster household when FOX40 went there looking for answers, even though a man had just abandoned a lawn mower and ran inside when our crew arrived.

Someone called the Yuba City police to report a “parking situation” with our live truck.

Officers came and found absolutely no problem with our parking job.

Linda Wisner was the only neighbor who would speak up for John Foster, saying he was extremely helpful, the kind of guy who once helped rescue a cat stuck on a roof. She’s stunned by the arrest.

“I can’t imagine him doing that,” Wisner said.

That may be, but Leticia Day knows what she saw.

“You just can’t do that,” she said.

John Foster remains jailed without bail in Sutter County. He’s been placed on paid administrative leave from the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department.

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  • Patrick

    I have read this article twice and I still do not understand anything about the events that occurred. Note to the editor: this is one of the most poorly written articles I have ever read.

  • Jenn bioshockz the world.

    Agreed. I read it THREE times and I can only piece it together. Horribly written article.

  • republikkkans

    Yeah I am sure the cop is credible after all Cops are trusted individuals who never do anything wrong….Pillars of the community, who would never cross the line…like these past stories in the news and I can go on and on and on, example sell illegal guns from the back of their cruisers (CHP), force prostitutes in (west sacramento) to perform favors, child molest and harass(modest), Drive drunk (roseville), Make up DUI stops and lie on their arrest report (Sacramento)

  • The latino Fight for our rights against poorlice. (Police ) brutes!

    I get sick to my stomach every time i here this story!although delighted to hear the true light being shinned on the dirty no good poor excuse for a sherrif. The teenager who was not just struck by the police car was in a 3 week ç

  • PeterAteo

    Hey "the latino Fight..": Your facts aren't even close. The teen had a minor injury at most – NO COMA!

    Here's a quote from another article: "Police said the teen suffered an unspecified leg injury, which appeared minor, and sought medical treatment on his own. Foster's family said the teenager was not hurt."

    What Foster did may have been wrong, but stick to the actual FACTS.