College-Educated Prostitute Not Willing to Give It Up

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


At only 27-years-old, life hasn’t been fair to Amber.

She chose to be called “Amber” in order to protect her identity. She had dreams and went to college, but instead of using her degrees, she chose life as a prostitute.

“I went to San Jose State University and I graduated from University of Phoenix, ASU,” Amber told FOX40.

Everyone she loved died and left her. She says life got in the way. A mother of three, Amber was all alone and had to make hard decisions.

“Three of my brothers died of heroin overdose,” said Amber.

Amber’s step-mother died in her arms, she was the only one there to care for her.

She says it left her broken and broke. All alone, she says she had no choice but to sell herself to make money.

She uses motels in northern California to conduct illegal prostitution, and has a long list of clients.

“I have to survive somehow,” Amber said. “If it’s selling my body, it’s selling my body.”

It’s dangerous and lonely for Amber, she lost her children and she brushes with death every day.

“I’ve been robbed, shot at, stabbed and thrown out of cars when they are still moving,” Amber told FOX40

With all the heartbreak and pain that comes with her decision to prostitute, why do it?

“It makes more than any other professions. I make $1,000 a day,” she said.

So what will it take for her to give up this lifestyle to get her children back?

“I pay $3,800 a month in child support; whatever they need, I will do it for them,” Amber said.

For Amber, no matter how risky this is, it’s her reality; survival of the fittest. Even though she knows it’s illegal, even though she knows she could die.

In her world, everyday she wakes up is a gift.

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  • Me

    Lol I’m sorry but I’m not sure that any “university of Phoenix graduate” can really be considered college educated.

  • BossLady

    Lol! Read the article again!!!! University of Phoenix, ASU (Arizona State University). She CAN be considered a college graduate! U got you University of Phoenix’s mixed up, darling!!

  • Diana Moore

    Amber, needs prayer. Praying for you Amber, life is short enough, make the best of it. Don’t let the temporary success, rob you of life with your children. Get your life back.#God love’s you,

  • Bret_V

    I can understand doing what you have to for your kids. but child support is supposed to be based on a persons income and can be adjusted. It sounds more like she is being taken advantage of by the other parent, or entity that has her 3 kids.

    $3800 breaks down to a little over $1250 per child, which sounds extremely high for someone who doesn't have a regular job. Matter of fact a family could live on $3800 a month without working. I mean, i'm getting by on $1200 while attending college, so I know it can be done.

    Personally I don't think its right for her to be forced into what she is doing, what's the ex do? Live off of her child support without working probably. Sad best of luck Amber, if you need help with getting the child support reduced, I have some experience with it, and would be happy to help..

    All we are is a result of what we have thought ~ Buddha "

    To proceed in a progressive way, one must create a proper perspective, and then a better day by laying the foundation for it.

    Have a great day and better future, whether you enjoy the journey or not, it is what you make of it..