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Lawsuit Claims City Putting Up More in Arena Deal than Originally Said

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Kings Lobby

Artist’s rendering of what the inside of Sacramento’s new arena could look like. Courtesy: AECOM, April 2013


A lawsuit was filed Tuesday against the City of Sacramento, Mayor Kevin Johnson and City Manager John Shirey and Assistant City Manager John Dangberg on behalf of three residents that claim the city had undervalued its contribution to the development of a new downtown arena.

The city has publicly stated that their agreed-upon contribution is $258 million in public assets, but the suit alleges that the city’s contribution is actually $80 million more.

Isaac Gonzalez, James Cathcart and Julian Camacho, the plaintiffs in the suit, accuse city leaders tried to hide the extra money they were allegedly giving.

City Attorney Jim Sanchez responded to the suit in a written statement.

“We have reviewed a copy of the complaint and believe that the public record on the Council action to approve the

preliminary term sheet is supported by substantial public benefit. We are prepared to defend the Council decision as necessary and do not believe this lawsuit has merit,” Sanchez’s statement read.

The NBA Board of Governors will vote Wednesday on whether or not to relocate the Sacramento Kings to Seattle. A league relocation committee has already recommended that the team stay.

To read the entire lawsuit, click here.

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