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Gang Ties Suspected in Shooting that Took Life of Girl, 10

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Elvira Campos was only 10 when her life ended Saturday night. Detectives believe she was shot while sitting on the couch in her home off of Channing Drive in North Highlands.

It was the television that had Elvira and her two parents captivated last night around 10:30 when detectives believe two suspects walked up to the home and fire five shots from a shotgun and seven from a handgun.

Bullets struck Elivra, her mother and father. All were taken to Mercy San Juan Hospital, but Elvira soon passed.

“This is horrible. We need the public’s help on this one,” said Jason Ramos with the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department.

It all begs the question: Who would want to target this family?

Detectives are looking into Elvira’s 20-year-old brother. He was not home at the time, but they are looking into his lifestyle choices.

“Gang violence ebbs and flows, and we’re very concerned that it’s at a peak right now,” Ramos said.

For now, the Campos family is heading to a relative’s house, leaving behind a painful memory.

Sheriff’s say they need information on the incident. If you have any information, you can submit a tip anonymously to

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1 Comment

  • jbentley8383

    school is out…or soon to be out…..that means MORE crime…
    its a shame that some people have to go the route of joining gangs just to be ''loved''….but there's no love when you get caught and end up in prison…none of your homies are gonna visit you…they'll just get someone else to replace you.

    also…my blessings go out to the family of this shooting….I got a 5,6 and 7 year old..and can't even image losing any of them to something like this. I can image them getting into an accident but something like this makes you want to know who would shoot a child IN THE BACK/HEAD while she's simply watching TV.
    AND..we all know the child had NOTHING to do with any gang beef…….only someone with no soul would do this.