Energized Kings Employees Work Overtime to Fill Demand for Tickets

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


When’s the last time you smiled and cheered at the thought of working 12 hours? If you answered ‘NEVER’ – then, chances are, you aren’t an employee of the Sacramento Kings.

Call it Sleep Train Arena 2.0.

After three years of tug of war over the Sacramento Kings, employees are no longer wondering what tomorrow will bring, just trying to complete the fast break to rebuild the new Sacramento Kings.

“Elated, relieved. I think that there was a weight that they were carrying around, of a burden for them of not knowing what the future was going to be,” said Phil Horn, VP of Kings Ticket Sales.

Those employees selling season tickets need a new adjective.

“There’s some people saying we’ve been flooded with ticket inquiries when this all happened on Friday and I’m wondering if there is a better word than flooded,” Horn told FOX40.

Consider it an “AV World”, as in “After Vivek.” With a letter from the new Kings owner Friday, season ticket sales have exploded. “We’ve been renewing one season ticket holder every minute. Which is unprecedented, I’ve never seen anything like this in the league before,” said Horn.

Never been a season ticket holder before and want to be? You aren’t alone.

“We’ve been getting one new inquiry on Kings.com every three minutes,” Horn said.

Because of that mad dash, the Kings will be filling empty desks with 40 new employees, to be hired Thursday, and talk about a quick training camp, “We hope to have these folks working by Friday,” said Chris Clark from Kings Public Relations.

Remember HereWeBuy.com?

With phone lines burning up, calls to those ticket pledges are up next.

If you’re thinking you’ll wait to buy season tickets until the new arena is built downtown, you might want to re-think that strategy.

“Which will then give them priority for the new downtown arena in 2016,” Horn said.

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